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Presentation Team

Over 35 MVPs and community leaders participated as our presenters and content advisors . Take a look, the years of experience in the industry represented is just amazing. Presenting and preparing content we had specialists in SBS, Windows Server, Exchange, ISA, SQL, Sharepoint, CRM, Security, Accounting, Managed Services lined up. Collectively this is over 300 yrs. in industry as IT Pro experience to tap into.

Microsoft participated with 7 technical members from the Dev Teams of SBS and Centro on hand to address session topics that relate to emerging product releases scheduled in 2008.

Session Format

This conference was a resounding success by sustaining the interaction, voice and experience of being in the event placing attendees among peers and trusted community leaders. Our session minimized reliance upon full-session-length Powerpoint slide shows that define a “look and pace” for a typical conference. Our choice was for dialog, a conversation among panel members and spilling out into the audience.

We chose a single track session format of Group Discussion, Panel Debates, and Expert Drill-Down in a manner of a live-demo or spotlight in leadership or a solution case study followed with Q&A. The Disaster Recovery workshops provided insight and discussion upon specific applications and technology concerns.

2-Day Conference - Session Outline

You will find the final Session Outline below. It identifies all of the exceptional discussion panels and schedule framework for the conference, as well as a hint about the great evening events and entertainment that was enjoyed by all!
Our Friday Night Jazz Concert Reception kicked off the weekend with the rhythm and flavors of New Orleans food, a party you couldn’t have anywhere else.

Saturday night on Bourbon Street, after a dinner at the restaurant of your choice, we gathered on the hotel balcony with our excellent beads, and you can imagine the night ran late! Just inside Aileen Paron performed a cabaret atmosphere in our lounge area just outside our unique Community Coffeehouse breakroom.

Sunday Night on a Riverboat Blues Cruise for the SBS Bash sponsored by the SBS product team. Our 3 hr. tour the authentic paddlewheeler Creole Queen rolled us down the Mississippi. Not only is it a fabulous way to see the Crescent City from the river, we had great food and the Anthony Brown Band delivered the awesome music throughout the evening.