Pricing and Reservation Options

Signup for the conference experience you prefer from three conference packages are available. You can arrange the hotel and cruise details at the same time!

Conference Week Overview

French Quarter Conference
May 26 - 27 (only) 

Admit One

2 Days

Attendee – All Events/Sessions

$ 295

Guest – All Receptions        

$   75

Click here for more details on the two day French Quarter conference.




Cruise Conference
May 28 - June 2 (only)

Admit One

5 Days

Cruise Conference VIP – All Events
(attendee or guest)

$   95

Click here for more details on the five day cruise conference.




Getaway Week Full Conference
May 26 - June 2 (both events)

Admit One

7 Days

Getaway Week VIP Attendee

$ 350

Getaway Week VIP Guest  

$   95

Click here for more details on the getaway week full conference.




Conference Hotel and Cruise Arrangements
(Conference pricing above does not included arrangements for the Hotel or Cruise)

Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel

  • Room Per Night, 1 or 2 person occupancy

$ 119

Typical 5-Day Cruise Package    

  • Per Person (Dbl-Occupancy) for 5-day trip
  • Includes cabin, food onboard, many activities
  • Additional port taxes & fees per person ($ 143) apply

$  490

Click here for more details on the cabin booking options for the cruise