People - The Conference Experience

The innovative concepts

...aligning these two conferences in one week on one very important topic is to offer a different way to interact, and a different approach to finding solutions. Let’s take a unique approach to conference sessions that bring the sidebar conversations among peers back to the podium for roundtable discussions with a panel. From the familiar scale of small business focused technology consultants who have monthly meetings locally, this week of conferences energizes a value driven debate with the same rules of engagement: Everyone in the room is part of the discussion and in the objective search for finding relevant, proven solutions.

The voices of experience small business IT consulting should not be discarded, it is the most relevant place to start. The baseline of the enterprise focused industry needs to be more closely tied to what is working in this space and what is not. Solutions that don’t fit don’t matter. Solutions for SMB (small-medium business) need to mean practicality which is reality based, not complexities born from compressing irrelevant enterprise cost/benefit projections.

The worldwide community

...includes smart people who deal with these crisis preparations and response scenarios every day. That dialog needs a forum for debate, a way to take home a consensus of smart people as the best value available to us.

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A Consensus of Smart People

One theme sets the topic for both conferences, but placed in different settings, formats and experiences.

These conferences will be distinctly different from past expectations of either a “trade show” or “vendor’s seminar day”. The fabric of each conference will be found within the community mesh of attendees, the interaction generated by the format of the sessions, and context of dramatically different environments being provided.

In the pace of each conference will be progression of discussion moving toward a consensus of opinions, experiences and imagination. Group discussions, expert panels to engage collaborators and discussion leaders from every chair in the room.

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Conversations and Content

Think conversations more than lectures… discussions more than presentations…and now you have a better sense of how this will unfold. Informative, real world, in-tune with real people.

Attending either of these events to share in the debate from “among us who do this work and are responsible for these challenges” where they find answers and what works for them. A conference can also exposed to industry products and expert revelations of how “best practices” are not enough, not being met, or emerging in new technologies.

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Small Scale and Right Sized

How often is the practical answer you need available in the audience, and not at the podium? In these events, we’ll open up the dialog, bring it back from the hallways and expand it into the meeting sessions.

Small businesses and their IT leaders need clear and accessible guidelines that fit. We are all searching for real solutions proven by the experience of experts and peers alike…in small businesses you can relate to.

Consultants and technology providers who support small businesses all face a number of common challenges, not the least of which is finding information that you can use which is practical, timely, in budget and scale for this type of business environment.

The technology and business goals for these events are to distil practical methods and approaches rather than relying upon the standard set of out-of-scale iconistic guidelines handed down for enterprise scale technology.

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Life and Business Savvy

Typical for the majority of IT Pros in this small scale market segment, we ourselves are small businesses. Like our customers, we too have scaling problems in our business operations and in building partnerships and contacts. We face the challenges to have a “normal life” align to the professional demands day to day.

We sustain our customers and run our businesses as almost a symbiotic relationship, codependent. Is that scenario your permanent business model, or a risk to maintain, or is the only other option to outgrow that very relationship? How do you grow? Who do you ask? Who else has been there? Where are these questions answered?

You need to talk to people on your same track in business and life. You need an experience like a local professional group meeting with a larger scope of participation. Join in the discussion where it spills out from an expert panel, flows into every circle of chairs for days where the next topic to debate is the question you want to ask? This is your event.